Platinum Metres
Platinum Metres
Joshua WF Thomson

Five years in the making, and featuring contributions from dozens of musicians and artists around the globe, Platinum Metres is Joshua WF Thomson’s eagerly awaited debut album on his eponymously titled Platinum Metres label.

In 1977 NASA sent two gold-plated phonograph records containing images and audio into space. These records travelled onboard Voyager probes I and II and were conceived as time capsules intended to communicate the story of our world to extraterrestrials.

Instrument of oblivion and symbol of hope, Voyager I is currently travelling at 38,000mph some 33 light hours from home, a triumph of the first great era of interplanetary exploration. It will be 40,000 years before Voyager I reaches the nearest potentially inhabited planets on its lonely trajectory.

Platinum Metres is Thomson’s reworking of the epic NASA mission. It is his love letter to the vinyl format and to NASA’s Golden Record; the physical manifestation of our enduring compulsion to communicate.

This genre-spanning release contains 19 audio tracks including two of the most romantic locked grooves committed to vinyl, plus an audio-visual track containing 145 images of planet earth.

The ambitious reach of Platinum Metres spans the shuffling funk miniature “Au Clare de la Lune”, the driving cosmiche of “Diabolus in Musica” and the ambitious “Suite for Seven Continents” merging mutated forms of rock, afro-beat, ambient and Jazz.

Platinum Metres was recorded in England, Thailand and Hong Kong and mastered in London’s legendary Abbey Road studios. Pressed on 140gram platinum-coloured vinyl and beautifully packaged, Platinum Metres is as much an art object as a unique listening experience.


the making of

As a child my most prized possession was a record player.

Switching it on produced a comforting glow and the smell of hot dust. It hummed with electricity and potential. Although it was ancient technology when I inherited it, I knew I had something special.

Playing records was a feast for the senses, the discs were heavy and smelt of places beyond the safe confines of my home. The labels intrigued me, like heraldry from distant lands. Half an apple, a dog listening to a gramophone.

With my breath held, I would stack up the singles on the autochanger and lie on my belly to watch the needle follow the groove until the next record would fall and a new journey would begin. The spectacle was just as important as the music, the process hypnotic and thrilling.

Nothing captured my imagination quite like that record player. Nothing was so immersive or hinted at places outside the realms of my experience and imagination. For me books could never rival the power of the record to invoke magic. A small black vinyl disk seemed to transport me to places almost entirely tangible if only for two and a half minutes.

From the outset Platinum Metres was to be a tribute to the transformative powers of the record, the theatre of side one and side two and the art of careful listening. It is also an investment in the imagination of the listener.

Joshua WF Thomson - 2012

release information

Featuring contributions from:

Sonali Banerjee
David Boyce
Patrick Coupar
David Cox
Benjamin Evans
Mark Hanks
Joel Harries
Martin Hay
Joe Jardine
Stephen Mathewson
Emma Mcglynn
James McWilliam
Julian Simmons
Sam Spedding
Christopher Steinweber
Joshua Thomson
Laura Thomson
Gregory Wildes
Beatrice Williams
Paul Williams
Sophie Williams
Emily Wolahan
Adrian Wong

140gram platinum-coloured vinyl



HK$ 250.00