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Jacktapes - Album Review.
Jacktapes - Album Review.
August 4, 2014

The first review of jacktapes by tem is in and we're very pleased that it's a good one!

The review can be found on fantastic music website Mugazine. If you don't read Cantonese there are audio samples of the record!

Here's a taster-

以香港為基地、由居港英國人Joshua Thomson主理的黑膠廠牌Platinum Metres主意多多,繼去年把唱片送上太空大玩科技情懷,來到廠牌出品第三回,以作為人父對生命的喜悅為音樂主題。英倫音樂人tem 從愛兒Jack誕生開始,便在其每個生日創作一連串純音樂作品,紀錄與兒子之間的種種感受。靜態電音、結他、聲效取樣,仿佛默默觀察著兒子的變化。More...

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