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Time Out - Hong Kong's top Indie labels.
Time Out - Hong Kong's top Indie labels.
July 8, 2013

Time Out Hong Kong has namechecked Platinum Metres as one of "Hong Kong's top indie labels".

Here's a taster:-

"Mark Tjhung checks out the city's alternative record labels to find a whole world of avant garde goodness

When it comes to non-mainstream pop music, Hong Kong's big labels have never been the most supportive. And while that's starting to change, most up-and-coming bands and 'indie' musicians still look to Hong Kong indie labels or self-releases to get their music to audiences. With the indie label scene always changing, we check out some of the new players bringing some new ideas to town as well as the mainstays, who have been the heart of the indie recording scene in Hong Kong for the past decade. More...

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